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October 14 2017

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if this was from John Irving there was a bear in the sidecar... but cows are much more fluffy
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Nigel Van Wieck: Q Train
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Contractors and the True Size of Government

Political scientist Paul Light issued an updated headcount of the federal workforce. Of Uncle Sam’s 9.1 million employees, Light estimates more than 40 percent are contract workers.


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How Facebook Outs Sex Workers

An anonymous reader shares a Gizmodo report:

Leila has two identities, but Facebook is only supposed to know about one of them. Leila is a sex worker. She goes to great lengths to keep separate identities for ordinary life and for sex work, to avoid stigma, arrest, professional blowback, or clients who might be stalkers (or worse). Her "real identity" -- the public one, who lives in California, uses an academic email address, and posts about politics -- joined Facebook in 2011. Her sex-work identity is not on the social network at all; for it, she uses a different email address, a different phone number, and a different name. Yet earlier this year, looking at Facebook's "People You May Know" recommendations, Leila (a name I'm using in place of either of the names she uses) was shocked to see some of her regular sex-work clients. Despite the fact that she'd only given Facebook information from her vanilla identity, the company had somehow discerned her real-world connection to these people -- and, even more horrifyingly, her account was potentially being presented to them as a friend suggestion too, outing her regular identity to them. Because Facebook insists on concealing the methods and data it uses to link one user to another, Leila is not able to find out how the network exposed her or take steps to prevent it from happening again. "We're living in an age where you can weaponize personal information against people"
Kashmir Hill, the reporter who wrote the above story, a few weeks ago shared another similar incident.
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October 13 2017


a cloudy night
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wild flowers
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Pazuzu aesthetic
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I fear Vegas
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savings in disguise
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not all heroes wear capes
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" Ubożę - Old Slavic spirit of the house (the soul of the host), who lives behind the stove in an abandoned house." (by Mikołaj Rejs)
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