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Speaking of western freedom of speech, meet the artist Laila Al-Attar who drew a caricature of George Bush the father that was printed on tiles and put at the entrance of Al-Rashid hotel where senior Iraqi officials stayed and held their press conferences. Obviously, her way of expression pissed the Bush Administration off, so, in 1993 her house was bombed by American warplanes turning her and her entire family into shreds.

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This attack was ordered by BILL CLINTON, the liberal Democrat. It was a 23 missile strike on Iraqi Intelligence Service in the downtown Al Mansur district of Baghdad. Basically Saddam Hussein’s CIA, which had attempted to assassinate H.W. Bush in Kuwait. Three homes, one of which was Al-Attar’s, right next to the intelligence building were destroyed. Also, the missiles were launched from a naval warship in the gulf, not warplanes. Source your posts.

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