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December 05 2017

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Scargos Mail-Order Catalogue (1977)

Mail-order catalogues were very popular in the 1970s, so much so that Scarfolk Council carefully monitored them to ensure all the products promoted and maintained the state's social agendas.

Anybody who contravened the attitude regulations of the day was shipped to a makeshift island three miles off the coast and enrolled in reeducation classes that employed electrodes and toxin-dipped knitting needles as teaching aids.

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White House Considering Privatized Spy Networks

The Trump administration is reportedly mulling plans to put a private company in charge of conducting a variety of covert intelligence and counterterrorism activities. We explain why this is a bad idea.
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December 04 2017

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Nigel Van Wieck: Come tomorrow
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Nach massiven Steuersenkungen für Reiche: das US-Programm für die Krankenversicherung für Kinder CHIP wird eingestellt, “weil wir kein Geld mehr haben”

CHIP is an $8 billion program.

CHIP ist ein 8 Milliarden schweres Programm.

Den Bericht gibt's hier. Die Steuersenkungen betragen 1'500 Milliarden netto, die US-Rüstungsausgaben betragen 598 Milliarden.

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Peppermint Patty
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Geburt eines digitalen Gottes

Künstliche Intelligenz entwickelt gottgleiche Züge. Ist es das, worauf wir gewartet haben?

Den Artikel gibt's hier.


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December 01 2017


The 'Fingers On Lips' Campaign (1978)

Crime in Scarfolk did not rise substantially between 1976 and 1977, largely due to the latest in thought detection techniques* and random public executions. The government, however, did announce that there had been a significant increase in naughtiness.

Many citizens criticised the state for treating them like children. The council denied this but in January 1979, thousands received orders to put 'fingers on lips' while in public. Scarfolk fell silent.

Specially trained police officers patrolled streets, public and private buildings, and handed out on-the-spot fines for various misdemeanours such as not standing up straight, running in corridors and not paying attention. At the officer's discretion, the fines could be substituted for corporal punishment with a slipper, belt, cane or rabid Alsatian.

By the summer of 1979, the scheme was in chaos: So many people had been sent to 'stand in the corner' that a new, much larger corner had to be built - at a cost of £2 million - to accommodate the cramped detainees. In August alone, 94 people died after they raised their hands to go to the toilet but were not given permission. They had simply been forgotten.

At the end of the decade, the council decided that because of a small handful of troublemakers, the whole town would have to be punished: Everyone would have to resit the 1970s.

* See thought-detector vans and thought policy leaflets.

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Neues EU-Projekt vernetzt Polizei, Militär und Geheimdienste

Die Europäische Union plant die Einrichtung von „Kriminalitätsinformationszellen“ („crime information cells”), um Daten zwischen Polizei, Militär und Geheimdiensten auszutauschen. Dies geht aus einem Ratsdokument hervor, das die britische Bürgerrechtsorganisation Statewatch online gestellt hat. Mit dem Vorschlag soll dazu dienen, die „externe Dimension der inneren Sicherheit“ zu stärken. Die Beteiligten erhoffen sich dadurch einen Mehrwert bei der Terrorismusbekämpfung.

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Think about your actions
komm wir lesen mal gemeinsam in der bibel :-)

kannst DA mal anfangen:

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